Congratulations you've found the secret page!

Well done! You successfully dragged a mouse and clicked on a thing. You think this merits you delicious rewards? Think again mortal, now you tread the paths worn by Hecate and Morpheus. And your journey is only just beginning.


Now to test your knowledge of Pantomimes, this society, and indeed your knowledge of things. Many things. Are you up to the challenge?


So, in Batman & Dobbin, Two-Face was obsessed with one thing and one thing alone. Money. So he'd be exceedingly interested in what the Riddler was talking about when he mentioned: a box without hinges, lock or lid; but inside golden treasure is hid. 


Three letters.


(Just a helpful tip by the way, all answers should start with a capital letter, because we live in a society with rules and it is fitting to adhere to them.)


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